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Jane @silentwealthy

I am at my first job, almost 2 months. This job is everything I imagined when I was unemployed. But now I lose my confidence easily, feel useless cuz some things don’t work, people judge me and I can’t stop feeling guilty.

Sorry if you reading this.

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(1) This is your first job, your not expected to be perfect.

(2) It takes time to learn new things and to adapt. Give yourself the time to get used to the job.

(3) Let people think whatever they want of you, be true to yourself. What they think of you isn’t always going to be right.

(4) Don’t feel guilty, accept this as a challenge and know that you can do this.

(5) Look into positive mental affirmations and read them out first thing in the morning and last thing at night.


You are worthy
You are loved
You are strong
You are kind & smart.

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suraj kumar @008sr

Totally agree! 👍

Jane @silentwealthy

This helps me a lot.

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suraj kumar @008sr

Hey hey!! Relax!! Let them judge!! You know what if you’ll start asking and doing the things it’ll take some time to pace yourself!! But after you know everything na , you’ll see the changes!! Be strong

Jane @silentwealthy

Thank you for saying this!

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suraj kumar @008sr

Yeah!! Stay strong!! 🤝


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