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I am angry and confused.
Just over a month ago, I got a job offer to join a multinational company. Let’s call it company C. I was excited and immediately started planning my resignation for my then employer company( Company A). At the same time, I was working as a subcontractor in another company (Company B) which had also expressed interest of hiring me on full-time basis.
From trust, I reached out to my manager at company B about the offer, mentioning the company where I was going. My manager was mad. I did not expect it but it happened.
Turns out, company C and B had a contract (for a recently completed project) and hence had a non-compete clause ( which meant that no employee or contractor was supposed to move between the companies. I was a contractor but this clause was not made known to me at any point.

Fast forward, this week, I was supposed to start working at the new company. I went to get onboarded, pick some tools etc and most importantly, sign the contract. Upon getting there my new boss at company C told me that company B had raised an issue with the agreement, requesting that my contract be delayed by a week. On the same day, company B reached out to me and offered to counter the offer from company C. At this point, I had already left company A but company A had a non-compete clause with company B which meant that I cannot move from A to B and vice versa.

Company B is ready to deal with any issues with the non-compete clause that company A might raise. Company C is not clear what they plan to do if company B decides to take a legal action but they maintain that they will offer me the contract next week, backdated to the start if this week.

So, I am confused and angry at all this.
On one hand, I feel wasted since I provided all information to company C during the recruitment process and they went on to offer me a job anyway.
I know it would be possible to move to company B but it is not my ideal place or work. (I prefer a place where I get to work on different projects at different companies). I also feel that since it was my manager who decided to escalate this issue, we might not work very well once I return to company B.

Today, I began to feel stressed about this and I believe it is beginning to take a toll on my mental and psychological stability. I am thinking of seeking the services of a psychotherapist.

I don’t even know what I want the team here to help me with 😔

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Hello there. Work is extremely stressful. Most of the jobs that I’ve done have been places where I’ve never felt supported, heard, and have been mistreated. I’ve been working since I was 18 years old and I’m 40 this year so I can tell you, it’s been a stressful, angry, and painful road.

I’ve moved into a new team, going on two years now and although the salary isn’t great, the team I am in is wonderful. They are caring, they are definitely supportive to each other in this pandemic - especially the managers and I feel blessed. This job that I’m in, I am able to let go of the fear that the “other shoe” will drop.

This is something that I wish for everyone in the world because lets face it, when you work full time, you see your boss and co workers more than with people in your personal life and you NEED to be okay there; especially if you want to commit to a career and feel appreciated and cared about.

If you want to move to Company C, just do it. Do what you feel will make you happy. Have no regrets in what your gut and heart are telling you. Don’t worry about feeling like you’re betraying Company B or even Company A for your betterment, for your future.

I hope that helps!


Yes, this helped me.
Thanks for sharing a bit of your story and journey. I still have some years before I can reach your years of experience and I hope I can get it right this time round.


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