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I am an MBA student. Life has been difficult for the past few months. Lost my dad to covid, had a break-up soon after. Losing 2 important men in my life had taken a mental toll on me.
So right now, I kinda like this guy in my college to whom I have never spoken to (just a few replies to Instagram stories). I’m afraid if I might get judged or rejected or get my heart broken again.
He lost his father to covid too. Maybe we share the same emotional pain and that’s why I am attracted to him. I won’t say it’s love, maybe just admiration or attraction towards someone( He writes well). MBA would be over in 4 months and then I might never get a chance.

Not sure how to deal with it. Any suggestions? Or should I just stick to studying and stop diverting myself?

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Shalini @heart_to_heart

You can give it a shot . And if he shows you some sign then go for it but nonetheless you don’t have to divert yourself from studies at any cost .


How do I approach? Any thoughts on that. The guy is not yet placed and maybe I will have to wait for that first


Yeah dont do it, bonding over shared trauma is a recipe for same mwntal health issues. Do you have compatibility in real life, or is it just this one thing that you have in common


I have never talked to him forget compatibility. He looks cute and also writes really well. That’s what I like about him. It’s just a crush.
And I don’t think there’ll be any shared trauma, It will just be 2 matured people who have seen enough pain and loss in life.


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