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I am always there for people. To talk to them, to advise them, to calm them down and listen to their problems. But I feel when it comes to me nobody wants to listen. It’s like people just want to speak they don’t want to listen. I have so much stuff inside me that I can’t even understand where to start from.

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Well myself being a 21yrs i can understand cz now a days we have a lot of friends who are socially available for you but when it comes to share your thoughts and feelings there will be no one cz everyone are so busy in their own life and own thoughts. But you may have to step up a lil bit and make a friend who understands you and who you understands as well. We are here for you to listen never forget!!


I feel the same way… I’m always there to support my friends but when I’m the one needing help, they usually answer and completely change the topic. I know I’m a stranger but If you need to talk to someone, I’m here to listen.


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