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I am a technical lead in my team and I love this role. As a software Engineer who rose from someone that not many could think would make it this far, it is tremendous progress and achievement. But life has a way of aways demanding for more from us every now and then. Every time.

I work in a big corporation and part of my work involves ensuring that our system are always up and working fine, able to serve our clients and at the least cost possible. Although cost is not a factor here.

Lately, our applications have began to have a number of issues that cause endless incidences of inaccessibility and downtimes. Eventually, the management will be tired of giving us time. That will directly mean that we will have failed in our ultimate goal: to serve our customers efficiently.
Every time we have an incident, I am required to give a report explaining what the issue was and the solutions applied. Sometimes, many times, the cause of the issue is not 100% verified and this means that I cannot transmit confidence that is needed of me.

Note the I have reached out to many exerts but none explains the issues any better than we have tried already.

Often times, I find myself struggling to make this seem as serious as I feel about it, many of those times, I end up convincing myself that I am just overreacting to what is otherwise a normal day to day thing. If this sounds that to you, I get you!

How do I deal with what looks like a scenario that is defeating me?

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Ujjwal @ujjwals

You have landed in a scenario where you need to put more efforts and creativity to solve the problems. This will strengthen your intuition and experience. Yeah it increases the stress but we need to manage anyhow to get results. Don’t take it as a falling point, take it as a opportunity to learn and grow more.

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