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AGirlHasNoName @agirlhasno...

I am a hypocrite. I give ted talks to my friends, tell them to be positive about their body, love themselves and be happy most of all. But I don’t adhere to any of these. I am insecure about so many things and I tell everybody else to just accept themselves as they are.

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Its normal to feel this way. Its a normal behavior.


I relate so much omg. Honestly telling others is so easy, and sometimes I do appreciate myself, but on the bad days when the insecurities creep in, I feel like such an idiot for giving all those “love yourself”, “self love” and “you’re beautiful in your own way” speeches when deep down I know I don’t feel the same about myself.

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unknown @garvit_jain

Try to be happy ♥️
I don’t know if you are still the same but it’s the time for you to change and bring positivity in your life.

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