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I am a graduate and at a point where I have the potential to change majors in Master’s. I feel the need to impress the society including parents, relatives and classmates and hence I am majoring in something I don’t like but is very valued in society. I am pretty good at it too but I don’t find meaning in what I am doing currently. One other that is stopping me from changing majors is that the new degree is completely different from my current major and I don’t really know how my career will turn out to be. I don’t know if I will be happy and satisfied with what I want. It’s really confusing and stressful.

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Keep your mind pleasent have some time and think what will happen if u continue and what will happen if u don’t and what consequences you want will match . You can be the best guide to yourself. When you are moving with ur decission you can be strong . Do what makes you happy . You handled a lot and you can with your own decisions.


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