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I am a boy… but I feel shy being shirtless… also I rarely speak gaali… society always tell me ur not a boy… mwhat should I do?

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That feels relatable. I don’t prefer wearing shorts either… I’m very shy…
I don’t speak gaali either…
No shirtless - No Shorts - No Gaali…

In fact many of my things, resonates much more with girls, then guys… Like how I think about everyone, and how sensitive I am, and my ideas about love etc etc…

And it’s fine dude, it’s totally fine to be who you are… Sometimes some people do mock me for these stuffs ki “Ladkiyon jaise Mood swings” - “Itna koi ladka nhi sochta”, bla bla… But I am who I am… And I’m not ashamed of it… Infact I love him, cause he understands things which most of the guys can’t. And tbh that helped me to have better relationships with a lot of people…

Anyway, coming to you… It’s totally fine buddy, to have different choices than “society standards”, accept yourself and embrace it… You are gifted ✨

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(A warm hug to you) It’s fine to be who you are… And you aren’t “aadha - ladka”, you are a GIRL, who’s choice matches with so called societies boy - standards…

All my love❤

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Shelly_Kutrapal... @sheldan_cooper

This is shocking why do you want to fit into society’s criteria, be yourself and be the change.


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