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I am a 25 year old , turning 26 in May .
I moved to canada in 2019 ,
My family spend whatever they saved on my studies abroad,
Did restaurant jobs for 2 years paid all the fees to study here for one more year by myself.
Got job in one of the big 5 companies here as soon as i completed my studies.
Paid off my parents back
Invited my brother here , paid his fees.
Did some renovations of home in india so that my parents doesnt have to worry about it later.
Spent whatever I had to make everyone’s life better . Right now if i have to start again in india , I wont have any savings for anything.
-Now after all of this , my work permit is about to expire and canada changes its whole immigration system. No hope for PR , its constant uncertainty. Which gives me stress the most.
-After spending so much time and energy here I might have to return back to India.
-I am not sad or anything about returning back , its just I have to start again at the age of 26 years , where i dont even know where I will pursue my career further in . No idea about job market in india , how the business will work , what are the opportunities etc. plus I can’t be dependent on my family , i dont want to bother them.

- I am from Gujarat , india. Any leads or advice on the business / job market would be appreciated.

If I consider starting a business , I am seeing two options as of now .
1. Restaurant business
2.manufacturing business

Please rate accordingly, which one everyone thinks has more growth opportunities.

Any other ideas would be appreciated too

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numan @numanisbhat

Both but start from 1 that will make investment for another . Btw courageous you are itni badi responsibility li hai tumne iss age mai great . I am in a same situation don’t know where to get investment


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