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I am a 15 year old and right now getting an acne on my face is the biggest issue ever. I know it doesn’t sound very bad and that you can say that no it’s not important. It is to me. I am popular in my school and if i get a pimple, i will not look good anymore. People will not like me anymore. I am going to dieeeeee alone.

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I remember those days kid. Stay strong. I know how hard it can be feeling like one pimple can ruin your “image” altogether, but trust me, IT DOESN’T MATTER. It really doesn’t matter even a bit. Nobody is going to be friends with you because you don’t have pimples. If people stop talking to you because you have acne, they are not your real friends and you need to get done away with them. They are not worth it.


NO NO NO! Please don’t do this to yourself. NOOOOOO. Your pimples or acne or your looks in general do not define you AT ALL. Pleasee don’t let that bring you down.


Don’t worry, it’s a phase , and it’ll pass. They don’t determine your beauty and popularity. Just exfoliate and don’t stress!


Do not let this bother you. I understand where you’re coming from but trust me it’s not worth the stress!!!


don’t worry about the acne or the scars. 2 years ago the haircut it had lead to the same thing you’re dealing with. mix cinnamon powder with honey and apply it as a paste. once you remove it, you’re skin will be all red and irritated but it’ll wear off in the next 15 minutes. i followed this routine for about 2 weeks and all scars and pimples were gone. but you have to make sure you don’t skip it otherwise it won’t work.


I can understand completely.