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I am a 12th standard student who got very average marks(66%) in the final boards. Ever since my results came out, I genuinely felt this void within myself which my parents think that I never felt guilty about(my marks). But I swear I am GUILTY . After a month or so, I finally realised that feeling the same wont work out and my board marks wont decide the rest of my life and i have to prepare myself for college. But my parents do pin point my marks often. It hurts. Hurts a lot internally. Even though i try to make up for what I did, somehow I feel like my parents have made up their mind that I am completely unreliable. Also this is lockdown period in India. A time where family is always together. I am not saying that my parents shouldn’t scold me, but I just want them to think how I’d feel. I have to agree to the fact that I put them through a lot during my exam preparations. I am having mixed feelings. I am starting to feel like this is gonna be a scar in my life. Honestly, I have the potential to make up for my low marks. Its just this feeling of hopelessness that I am having right now. Can someone give me some words regarding how I should handle my emotions?πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

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Day by day and not all at once. It’s important to remember in these moments that its a time limit. Life will always have highs and always have lows. With each experience you learn a little more and grow a little higher.

Asking yourself internal questions on what can I do with what I have, instead of what I can’t do with what I don’t.

The internal dialogue with yourself is important. I find myself in times of stress needing to take a step back and stop trying to understand the situation. Tell yourself what you need to, to make yourself feel better.

A relationship with parents can be complicated. With time and age as you mature so does your relationship with your parents. It may be a rocky road, but its manageable. I’m having trouble with my family, but day by day I’m teaching myself self-love and being more aware of the internal dialogue I have with myself.

Usually I would sit β€œThey don’t get it, they’re just being arseholes, screw them”

This is not helpful for anyone.

Respect that it’s not a flip of a switch and that things just take time. Don’t focus so much on the future and filling your head with thoughts of fear and hate. Know that sometimes while at the time it may feel like the worst thing in the world I can promise you that its an experience that is evolving you as an individual.

Sometimes you’ve just got to take a step back and breathe.

Life isn’t complicated, its simple. Its not easy, but it is simple.

I pray I’m not preaching to you and wish you find peace within yourself and your family. It is obtainable, no matter how far it seems.

Have a great day :)


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