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i am 39 years guy married and working in private company . I was very happy when i was in college and school i have always motivated my self . After marriage i came to Delhi even my job was left … I stayed with my wife means no friend was there and i came in depression . I started taking depression medicine as suggested by doctors . In beginning we were not in condition to afford child . later we checked the doctor she said my wife have to go through surgery and IVF we did all but it was not success … Now its become nearly 13 years of marriage , my wife is busy with her own stuff writing something . I stay in Delhi but here people don’t have time for others …Even i go to GYM regularly , office even then i am depressed. Now a days in lockdown We have to work from home and gym is also closed . Even all my family members are busy they don’t have time to talk to me. Even my wife is busy she like to be alone …Now i am feeling totally alone and depressed… Even i take anxiety medicine but at evening i usually take 4 can of beer to get sleep . Most of time i am feeling Alone no one to talk or hangon I am afraid that i might get more depressed in coming time.Please suggest me how to deal it

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Take control over your life. Depression ain’t gonna fix itself with that attitude! You can’t live in pills for the rest of your life. And don’t you tell me I don’t understand depression because I have chronical depression for almost 8 years now and I’m just 17. But you know what? I ain’t giving up. Because I am strong and I’m going to prove it. You are too. Don’t you forget that. Your anxiety and depression aren’t going to be so active if you have a good atmosphere around you. Change your lifestyle. Focus on a new skill or improve another! Take interest in new things! There is something for everyone! You got this!! And remind yourself that you are the best at being yourself and that’s just beautiful. If you ever feel down tell yourself “my life is too short. I live once and I’m gonna make it worth it! I’m making a change and I’m going to improve everyday!!!” YOU GO TIGERRR!! I YOU ARE STARTING TODAY! BECAUSE YOU WANT THE CHANGE AND YOU ARE GETTING THE CHANGE!! YOU ARE GONNA WORK HARD FOR IT AND YOU ARE GONNA BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!!!


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