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I am 34 and single. I am an only child. I am doing ok career wise , have a decent set of frnds but I feel very lonely cos I am unable to share my feelings with anyone. I try tk cheer myself up time ans again but the thought of not finding a partner really pains me

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why don’t you start finding one if i may ask.


Have you tried to find anyone? I wouldn’t rush it. I’m in an unhappy relationship and I’d leave it if I wasn’t scared of being alone. But I’m working on that and honestly it’s so much healthier just to love yourself. Good friends are more important than a relationship. Don’t push a relationship till you’re happy and confident in yourself or people will take addvantage


I’m in the opposite boat.
I have no career and no friends, but I have a partner.
It is still incredibly lonely in this boat.
I wish I could have friends like you.


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