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I am 30 years old. But I stil feel I am earning less as per my age and want some more time to get married . As I don’t feel ready mentally and financially as well . But my family keeps forcing me to get married and bring prospects in front of me. Recently I met one such propect. Her family was very good but personally I dint like the girl . But still my family insist I accept the prospect. What should I do ? Am I wrong in asking more time and finding someone who I truly think is good for me ?

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Raza Khan @thegentleguide

Totally not. You’re right at your place. I’m 25 and I probably will marry by 30 as well. The reason your parents are saying this because they want to see you married and settled which is because they love you. You communicate with them what your plans are and mutually work on it.


No your not wrong. Get married when you’re ready and when you find a girl you like.


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