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I am 29 years Old woman I am in love with 43 old guy . He also loves me he is not married I am also not married I like to marry him he also wants to marry me I don’t care what society , friends, relatives think about us . Thing is I don’t have father I don’t know what my mom thinks About my relationship I am afraid to tell her about my relationship I really love him we are dating now I am happy with him . I am afraid to tell to my mom .I don’t know how she will react and my relatives are asking my mom when will your daughter get married , Are you looking matchs for your daughter , my relatives keep on asking my mom . I don’t know what to do

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Hello. I have a friend who is younger than her partner. They’ve only known each other for about seven months but are living together.

He was married before but knows what he wants and its clearly my friend :)

I’m sure for my friend, telling her family (that she is close to) was difficult because of their age gap but in all honesty, if they are happy together, I don’t see the issue.

You two are both adults, you know what you want, there is not a problem!

Bring him over for dinner at your moms - if you love her, and you respect her thoughts, judgement, etc then show her the man that you love.

I was scared to bring my husband to my parents because I didn’t think they’d like him - especially that the first picture they saw of him was him wearing makeup, in a dress, wearing high heels! It was a fundraiser calendar that his co workers were doing and he thought it’d be nice to join in!

My parents were born in 1940s and 1950s - real sticklers of people. They always complained about my previous boyfriends but the literal moment that I brought him to them, they LOVED him.

Maybe it will be the same for you. Bring him to your mother’s for dinner and let them have a conversation. Let your mom see you with your man and perhaps, everything will be okay.


Thank you I will bring him for dinner


Thank you for the advice 😊


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