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I am 26…never been in a relationship…I am someone who has always believed love happens first and then you decide to get married…Now my family is after me to get married to some guy they will choose…I am not saying that I will not have a say to decide my life partner…but still it all opposite from what I have always believed in… don’t know how to accept the reality. I am afraid if I never been able to accept it the I will end up ruining my life badly.

Post anonymously?

I say tell your family to give you a specific time period to try finding someone… If you can’t I think you should just try accepting it and get married… unless you don’t want to be married to a complete stranger you can refuse since it’s your life- you should have your own choice…

Sorry If I can’t help much… Have a nice day!

I agree with @sxkurxchxn, talk to your family about this. And, try asking people out. Just flirt. Don’t be pushy or creepy and most people love it. You never know, you might find your soulmate :)