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I am 26. I am skinny and tall. My typically Indian family is looking for a groom for me. My father keep on saying in front of relatives and strangers that … Matches reject me saying i am too thin. This somehow is making me feel so low about myself.
I have accepted the fact that i am skinny n its okay. But my family still taunts me. This is affecting my confidence alot…
Plz help

Post anonymously?

Hi Di!
I am skinny girl too and I know how it feels to be skinny shamed. But I want you to know you are pretty and certain body size never define your beauty. I will suggest you if you want to ( your personal choice not the society pressure) you can join gym and become stronger.
I am damn sure you will be loved by someone perfect for you so don’t lose your confidence.
I am cheering for you💛✨

You know what, you’re beautiful and perfect just the way you are. There’s no need for you to change. If your matches reject you, then there’s something wrong with their eyes. They may not be destined for you. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and when your destined partner meet you, he would be the beholder who would be happy to accept you just the way you’re and love you no matter what. Just remain happy with yourself, don’t let the comments of your family and matches affect your self confidence. Sending lots of good wishes your way! :)


Excuse me miss you are beautiful the way you are!! And know that matches are made & destined, not looked for in a superficial way. All of those rejecting you probably needs to learn to love themselves first instead of judging someone. I know it must be tough for you but trust me have faith and confidence in yourself and nothing I say nothing in this world will bother you, not even the negative comments. You are you, a single piece in this entire world. And in time someone will definitely come in your life who values your worth rather than looks. And even if someone doesn’t that makes more room for you to love and pamper yourself.


You need to know that someone better is waiting for marrying you.
One day you will find someone who will love you and your pure heart and not judge you by your looks.
So don’t feel depressed and look up and continue enjoying your life.
You are just 26 you have a long life infront of you to live so don’t feel sad and cherish every moment of life,as everyone knows that Time Never Stops.
Hope my lines help you :-)
All the best!!!


ughh, that’s all bullshit. you are amazing and we all know it. don’t consider their remarks coz i know for sure that there’s someone out there who will love you with all his heart, who will love you for who you are. be confident gurlll!! stay happyyy, im sure youll have a very beautiful life ahead. sending lots of good wishes<3


Hey, I am so sorry that the people around you are making you feel like that. tHE SAME IS THE CASE WIGH ME, i AM A LITTLE OVERWEIGHT AND MY FAMILY ALWAYS TAUNTS me about it and they I feel somewhere think that she is fat so who will marry her and it actually has led me to feel very negative about myself and let to a lot of negative self talk and i wanted to tell you that it does not really matter. You should love yourself and do not pay much heed to such people.

Also I believe that when it comes to marital prospects you should believe that a guy will love you for who you are and just they way you are!!

Do not let them get your spirit down!