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I am 25 years old and my boyfriend is 44 years old. I am Asian and He is Austrian. He has good look for his age, hardworking person, good father, soft voice. But actually he was not officially divorced.

When we first met he did tell me if his marriage status is separate. His separated wife has same nationality with me and He is really my type, the way he threats and talking to me I like him personality.

So, In the the beginning we decided to date since February 2020 then he told me he would get divorced in 6 months or the longest until the end of this year.

During these 5 months our relationship was very close, until I discussed the divorce process, he said he can’t talked about it more, then I kept urging him so that his marital status was clear (whether divorced or not). But he became very angry and said I stressed him, one thing he answered was there was a condition that had not been agreed with his separate wife.

And 3 weeks ago he suddenly told me that he would be a summer vacation to France and Germany with his son and also his separate wife. From my deepest heart I was very jealous, I told him “This is very abnormal if you are still on vacation with someone you are going to divorce”, but he said this is a normal thing because they have children together and told me not to worry.

A little bit about my boyfriend, he has very busy days because he has 2 jobs, So sometimes I’m wondering to myself, if his always busy when exactly he will take care of the divorce? But I don’t dare to ask about it again to him because he always said I stressed him with questions like that and he said he was still busy for that. I am very frustrated about this, he seems to love me so much that makes me fall in love with him too, but his marital status sometimes makes me so confused and stress.

This is the first time I’ve dated a westerner. I don’t know how to deal with this, I don’t want to stress him out and I’m afraid of meddling in his personal affairs, but I want to have a boyfriend who is not married but I want Him.

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Okay this is stressful. I prefer give him some space. Let’s see how he reacts after that.


This way I don’t think it will work. Ask him to choose one his wife or u … if he is in love with you he will choose you… And not then u will find someone better… good luck …bless u …I will pray for you

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prakash @sane_cupcake_5

Hindi bolne wala koi he hi nahi kya yaha ??


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