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I am 25, F, unemployed in India.
I have made a lot of stupid decisions due to which I feel completely worthless. I have no one, literally no one to talk to and I don’t know how to overcome this phase.

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First of all remember the decision that you made in the past were the best decisions in that you made on that time. People grow people get experience. you’re so worthy just move on i know it’s not easy and remember you are not alond just try to find a job start from zero. You’re so kind loving and precious


Thanks for the kind words. I have enrolled for a course but corona happened and nothing is happening now. I try to be optimistic but then there are days when I end up regretting everything.


Heyyyy do an online course easily the skill that you love you can easily learn from YouTube you can listen to top universities lectures. Or search for a specific crash course listen, learn, research. Download some self help book read about 15 mins everyday and memorize it assume that you are going to give a presentation everyday it will really helpful for your communication skill and your knowledge. I am so happy that you are optimistic wishing you all the best. Gain some new skills before the lockdown ends, wishing you eternal success and happiness.

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Avtar @avtar

Hey hi,
Allow me to write and I request you must read at least once and try to feel and understand it.

You know when you should remember the past so that you don’t make mistakes future is what you need to protect and presence is what you are living in so don’t let the past that hangover on your head like a democratically sort which create a certain fear psychosis in you use your past to remember to learn from your those mistakes and help you to protect your future . We have live in the present.

And you know in bibal Christ said god made man in his own image.
Insan ko khuda ne apni shakl m bnaya h and we are the living temple of the god so whenever you feel worthless at that moment just think ki agar khud vo khuda tunhare sath beth k tumse kahe ki ye uski mrji se hua h to tum kya kahigi ? Ya kya krogi ???

Like a child agar bcha kbi bimar ho na to dr. Ya maa baap us bche ko chocolate nai blki medicine dete fir chahe us med. ka taste kitna he bura kyu na ho bcha agar lakh chillaye roye ya mna kre use khane to b maa baap use vahi khilaye ge kyonki ve jaan te h is m bche ki he bhlai h jo ki bche ko smjh nahi aata us waqt m isi tarah whatever the situation came in our life its came only through the masters wish so we have to face all those situations and learn to live in his grace only and always try to look forward and do your best and live in present.
If you want you may connect me on insta too - @spiritual_links or avtar.singh06


Thank you, Avtar.
I also believe that everything happens for a reason. I try to look at the brighter side but then there are days when nothing seems to work.


Hello. I’m 30 M from India too. I am in a similar situation, maybe a little worse than you. I’ve written about it here if you’re interested:

I really can’t say anything to make you feel better. Sorry. If you want, you can vent here and I’ll listen patiently. That’s all I can offer. Take Care.


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