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I am 24 turning 25 this year. I’m pregnant and my due date is in September. I did my bachelor’s in Psychology and masters in Hospital Administration. I regret my career choices everyday. Now I even wish I should have taken up a master’s in Psychology as I just hate my job and it’s draining my energy and bores me. I earn less than 3.5lpa.
I got married very young at 20. My husband was 28 then. He is an architect and he started his own firm. It’s been 4 years and the firm has no growth. It’s stagnant.

We really don’t know what to do. I thought I’ll be happy in my hometown (Kerala) as my husband is in Kerala and runs his firm there. But I was bought up in a metro city and all my cousins are moved ng abroad and I have no friends in Kerala.

I really want to move abroad as I’m earning less and my husband’s firm is doing bad. But he wants to do an MBA and I don’t know if it’s really late to do full time MBA at 33. We want to move to Canada or US. But I don’t what lies ahead. I’m scared if he can study now and do MBA after 10 years of college.

I hate Kerala and I’m not able to adjust here. It’s taking a toll on my marriage. I hate his family as well.

Please help

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hey, can’t you pursue master in philosophy now? Those therapists are charging so high😩


Psychology bhai.


thanks for pointing out.


need guidance as i’ve enrolled for my bachelor’s in psychology now…

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numan @numanisbhat

I have no suggestions for but i can pray for your peace

Sunshine @sun_shineeee

You should try for canada and USA
Because Australia is not giving post study works right after 35 and your husband will be 35 till completing his master
If you need help I can give you reference because i have contact in this line


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