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I am 23 years old and too young to loose my mother to Cancer. How am I ever going to be okay again?

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Let your emotions be expressed and released. Don’t stop yourself from having a good cry if you feel one coming on. Don’t worry if listening to particular songs or doing certain things is painful because it brings back memories of the person that you lost. It’s natural to feel this way. After a while, it becomes less painful. Know that you can (and will) feel better over time.


I lost her at 16. It hurts like hell and it never gets better all that happens is you learn to live with the feeling.
Keep her photos, the stuff that reminds you of her very safe. Write down the memories of her because the saddest part of all is as the time goes, you forget on the details of the person who was once the most important to you.
So when the years will pass, you could at the stuff, read your current thoughts. You will feel the warmth of her.
All the best to your coming years. It’s not gonna be easy but you will grow stronger.


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