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I am 20 years old preparing for a medical entrance exam for last 3 years couldn’t clear it. It was my 3rd attempt . My parents are really disappointed from me . They just keep comparing me to others . I have no college , no job , no money, no girlfriend , not even a single friend in this world . Even my younger cousins keep taunting me that I am not able to do anything in life. I can’t concentrate on my studies . Have got no one to talk and share my feelings . My own thoughts keep haunting me and make me feel guilty and a loser . I am very insecure about my height as I am just 5.5 feet and having a heavy hair loss . Too much insecure about my looks . Have got no skills can’t even talk to anyone properly. My self confidence and self esteem is just broken the only thing I have is lot of self doubt. These things make me really depressed and have lots of anxiety attacks . My mental health is really bad which is even affecting my physical health . I have constant pain in my head neck and shoulders . I am just broken from inside.

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Ek ek karke sabhi chize thik karo

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Yuuhuuu @livelikeuloveit

To be honest these things are really hard to understand or relate to someone my parents are also very strict and I can understand a bit so just run away from from the place take vacation or find out yourself what you want that’s the only thing that matters you need to take care of yourself and if that helps see your newly born pic which is very motivating for me so yeah you are very strong and don’t be hard on yourself you doing great


Okay I’m gonna tell some harsh truths.
1 . Entrance exams aren’t for you.
2. You got to stop worrying about having no girlfriend or friends for now, that’s not what your priority should be.
3. You need to seriously look back and trace the choices that led you here (reminder that has got nothing to do with how you look )
Advise :
You need to get into whatever college you can get into and start the new phase. Never work on 10 goals at a time. pick up one . Also ,people bark when you fail. Let them bark , you gotta learn to turn a blind eye. Focus on the controllables (something which you can control , stop worrying about the non controllables ). If you still have severe anxiety , go to a therapist.
Also , mental health and physical health are complimentary, so better work on getting physically fit . Go out, play a sport (highly highly recommend that) . Constant pain in head, neck and shoulders - stop using smart phone for more than an hour and improve your posture. Kaam se kaam rakho with phone. If you do this for 6 months , you will see the changes.


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