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I am 19 years old. My dad is having an affair with another married woman. May be he is going to strand us. We dont have much money. We have nowhere to go. I dont know what to do. If we speak anything against him, he will strand us immediately. Please guide me. I cant share my name hence posting here!


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Post anonymously?

How do you know about this?
And also, your mother or anyone elder in your house should be the one confronting it. It is really important to communicate and bring elder people in between to make a mutual decision.
Don’t ignore it and it’s important to clear it out before things get out of hand. Be strong and take care! Share your feelings here, it’s a very good thing to let it out.


My mom know it too. We have access to dad’s WhatsApp through whatsapp web. We have screenshots of their chats. But we cant tell anyone otherwise he’ll just strand us! I can’t tell my friends. My mom and I are frightened. Can we do something legally? I don’t know what to do!

Like yes, it depends on which country you are in?
But do you really think that it has to go legally because this might be the start of his behavior? Because it’s the behavior, maybe it can be brought out and you can get a better idea of why is he doing that, and if he wants to give you guys share and let go because family is important and it is not easy to decide things like this.
Going legally is going to be a hard way for you and your mother. Because that needs money for court, lawyers. Is there anybody in the family that can help as a trusted person from either your dad’s side or mom’s that can bring it as a group meeting and has a concern for your family?