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I am 15 and it has been quite some time since I’m wondering if I’m asexual aka ace. As in I have been doing research and stuff over internet. I relate to the term so much but still it is somewhat im confused. Like I would have sex for reproduction purpose, I would even have it for purpose of satisfying my partner but that’s not what I would like/enjoy. And also do you think at this age, it is something I should discuss with my friends and family???
I ain’t dating anyone rn btw!

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You might be ace, idk. I’m not ace, but I’m part of the LGBT+ community, (bisexual) and I struggled for a long time. Like, tried to kill myself because I thought it was wrong to be what I am, I didn’t even think being bi was a thing (but hey, i went to a private christian school). I was 12 when I first liked a girl (I’m a girl) and 15 when I realised I was bi. It took many arguments over bisexuals knowing they’re bisexual at 15 until I was more angry than scared and came out to my parents this year (I’m 17 now). I was lucky, they’re excepting, but my point is, YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE REGARDLESS OF AGE, you should totally talk to your family and friends about it if you’re comfortable. Just make sure it’s on your terms, try not to be pressure mate.

Stay safe and happy new year!! And sorry if this ain’t helpful!

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Mx Shay @sxkurxchxn

I’m also struggling with knowing whether im bi or not im 12 rn- can you check my profile if you could help me out
you don’t have to if you don’t want to
anyway have a nice day!


I’ll comment on one of your posts :)

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Mx Shay @sxkurxchxn

Thank you!!

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Mx Shay @sxkurxchxn

I say just go with your gut about you being ace. Even though if you have taken multiple tests/quizzes from the internet they are not always a 100% Maybe try talking to it with one of your closest friend’s who you think will understand you or at least hear you out because by doing so they might be able to tell you whether they’ve noticed if you act a different way around what I mean is If they’ve ever thought you’ve had feelings for anyone. I think it will really help!
This is just my opinion and you don’t have to do it if you’re not comfortable anyway
Have a nice day!! <3

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Humans tend to think of things in black and white- you’re ace or you’re not, you’re gay or you’re straight, you’re male or you’re female. But with things like this, there is a lot of gray area and there may not be a term(yet) for how you feel, because some words just can’t convey the depth of a feeling, like agony or passion.

That being said, there are a lot of terms out there, and it took me a while to familiarize myself with all of them. Have you ever felt sexual attraction? Would you ever have sex for your own pleasure? There are some tests you can take online, but they only have so many results, and are not a perfect science. You may be demisexual, which means you would only have sex or experience sexual attraction once you have formed a deep romantic connection to a person, but I don’t know because the only person who knows you is you, even if you can’t find the exact right words to explain it. My advice is just to experiment, maybe find someone irl you can talk to with no filter, or read other people’s stories of how they knew they were asexual online. Good luck!


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