I always want to eat. I feel like I need to eat something so I can be doing something and feel satisfied. Even when I’m not hungry I still want to eat and just think about food throughout the day. When I eat I end up eating fast and then I just want to eat more, even when I’m so full. I feel guilty and disgusting but I still want to eat. I don’t know if I’m just bored or stressed?? I tried things like drinking more water and paying attention to hunger signals but I just get so many cravings? It’s really annoying idk has anyone experienced this?

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Hahahahah don’t worry you’re not alone it’s not something big. I personally have this kinda habit. Do you take some medicines?because sometimes taking medicine make you hungry. Other thing try to keep your self busy. Eat in a black plate or bowl or if you can’t leave it just try to eat 5 to 6 times a day but just little use alot of fruits and veg eat 2 to 3 eggs it won’t make you hungry. Beside that don’t forget to exercise for one hour every day. Then eating won’t effect your physical health. Smile😊

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I'm under the weather from last 3 days🥺
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Feeling lifeless😔
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