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I always loved literature but my parents wanted me to become a doctor. In 11th and 12th grade I was forced to take science as my major instead of humanities. It already ruined my scores I have a GPA of 7 now. I always had a 9.8 or more no less than that. I fought and took literature and history on a whim for my university. I’m about to get promoted to 2nd year tomorrow. I haven’t decided on my career yet. I feel like taking literature was a mistake now I don’t know where the road leads and will I be able to get a job even? I hate my self.


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It can be yr best ever decision in yr life if you work on it rather than thinking abt yr parents & society. You love literature as you said, so now work on it, explore it as much you can & Don’t worry abt job too much as you will find it’s answer yourself.