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I always feel that no one really gets me. I like people, I love hanging out, but I mostly feel lonely and misunderstood. This has been affecting my personal and professional life and I am not sure what to do

Post anonymously?

Maybe bcoz u are confused about life? you could share with the people around you how u feel. If u truly feel unhappy all the time, how bout taking a break like going o a nearby beach to relax? spend a day doing ur own things anything to occupy urself with


I am not confused about life. I’m highly driven and passionate about what I do. I prefer to be picky about my friends and I do not go about people pleasing at work or otherwise. sometimes there are people that I’d like to be friends with but never know how to approach them. It could be a random person at gym or work. I think it has something to do with my trouble of expressing things. I always feel a big gap between what I think and what I say.


stay strong you can get through this