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I always feel like there is this big picture that reveals everything about my life, and is hidden in somewhere. It makes my kife feel like a video game where that you can create theories about. And it starts to make more sense when I think about the people around me, and how terrifying hypocrites they are. They think they are the best, and therefore manipulate everyone around them, thus making them look a lot more innocent than they actually are. No one figured this out yet, so I am the only one… They think they don’t care about people but dude, you don’t care about yorself in the first place. And yes, it may be really easy to manipulate this world. Actually, it is humiliating to know how easy it is to seem better than you are, or basically turning the phrase of “being pretencious” to your reason of living. But is it really worth it to do that? Well, I am dealing with being a failure, not as good as other people and having to think a lot more than other people and you just come there, spitting nonsense and acting weird, manipulating and making people think that you are, in fact “cooler” than average and get all the attention. But no, I am not falling for this. I learned all of this the hard way, and if the same thing happens to another people, and I have to feel sorry for them, I would definetely regret it. The last time I had a proper conversation with him, he said he wasn’t the person he “used to be” when I made a joke about him being more innocent than he seemed. It was weird at first, but then it got even weirder. So you choose to act nonsense, get into girls using your intelligence and looks, heck, he even got a girlfriend that he didn’t even liked! Just to look cool, he did these. And after all of the things I had to go through, I still have to be “careful on my words” even though I didn’t say anything wrong. There is no going back right now. If he didn’t actually changed his actions and behaivors on purpose or without a plan, then why would he agree with it himself? If he used his intelligence to help me with my studies instead, the results would be a lot better, both on me and the people we know. I think there are still things I have to go through in order to acknowlege, but therefore, I know I won’t let this make me weaker than I am know. Do you guys think I am doing it wrong?

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Dude do what you think is right for you,people now-a-days are difficult to trust and understand as well.So better give it a thought and do what your gut feeling is telling you.

Tecks @tecks

As a person who did manipulate, deceive and use other people to his own advantage - I do regret every singe instance of that. So will anyone else with time, if he / she gains at least a bit of common sense. Hope this might be at least a bit comforting.


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