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I almost always feel lonely. No matter how much I give efforts in any relation either it’s friendship or relationship I end up feeling leftover, Alone, unwanted. I always make plans including them and don’t know the reasons but somehow most of the times they make their plans when it’s impossible for me to join them… even my family my spouse everyone just thinks of them… I just feel to get lost somewhere I have suffered from dipression anxiety because of such reasons in past few years and it was worst in last 6 months… I really don’t understand what to do? Even if I open up in front of anyone they’re like okay… just chill… but I couldn’t… I really need help and I’m seeking for it…

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I understand.
But have you ever tried enjoying loneliness?
Ever went shopping by yourself?
Ever taken yourself for lunch?
Or may b ice cream with netflix binge watching…

See, feeling lonely is ok. Its fine. But constantly feeling of needing someone else to be with you means you are not happy with your own company.
And don’t run behind friends… Good Friends never leave.


Yes… I almost do everything by by own. I don’t want anyone to make me feel better but you sometimes need someone who understands you who really want to know about you each and everything. But I don’t think I’ve even one. My bf is also weird he doesn’t understand mental health issues he always takes things for granted which makes me anxious. I sometimes think of giving up on him but don’t know why I end up holding onto him.

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