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No one 111 @jarul

Hypothesis: Captain Marvel is lesbian.
Theory : she is hot af.
They keep referring to her wife as her “best friend” which as we all know is vintage code for gay (see also Steve and Bucky; ship name: stucky)
She keeps looking at her wife with Come fuck me eyes.
They live together and have more chemistry than Tony Stark and Pepper Pots.
They are being up a child together? Like I don’t know what else is a stronger proof of their relationship.
They talk to eachother like a couple.
The hair in Endgame. (Not that I want to generalise or make suppositions, but I definitely think that that was a marvel nod towards her not being Straight)
She has no romantic interest in any Male character.
She is not straight.
Conclusion: She gay, stop fighting it. She’s the lesbian who can save this planet and that’s all I know.

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