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hy…strting somethng new frm today , lets see if i cn control myself and stick to it. i hugged myself and softly wispered that i love you and i kinda felt warm n my eyes turned wet. idk wat is it. just dont noe if i hav anyone in my life to say it to me…i want to fell something,infact anythng…some sort of affection, some wanting, some belonginf…i was judging myself whn i felt warmth from my own voice and my own touch. is it wrong? or m i doing something whch shouldnt begin. is it normal? i dont have any answer. i just knw that right now i have only darkness externally… i do send love outside myself in hope of recieveing aatleast a part of it. but i end up being alone. i want to love eveyone who needs it /requires it…i noe its wrong to expect anyone to love me back but in reality u want to be loved back, to feel that warm touch, someone to ask if u r tired.may b i was not in love but a desperate relation with the world.

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You are not doing anything wrong at all. Loving yourself is the purest form of love, and trust me, all of should be doing what you do. The world would be a much better place and will get rid of it’s cruelty if everyone just hugged themselves and say I love you to themselves everyday. Just imagine how many people will get rid of their insecurities and apprehensions just because of loving themselves!

I completely understand the need to want someone to love you, I get that and the right person will come along at the right time! In any case, you have yourself! And that’s what truly matters.
Please continue loving yourself, hugging yourself and say I love You to yourself. You will notice the difference in your perspective in a few days :)
Start appreciating yourself as well, maybe while looking at yourself in the mirror!


will surely try

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