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Hurting pretty bad…everyday is an emotional rollercoaster…I’m okay one minute then the next im angry and/or sad. I’m tired of people wanting to come into my life then just leaving without notice…because they wanted something from me that benefited them…whether it was my “father” who molested me…“friends” who used me…my job is no better…and I’m shit…I’m flawed…and feel worthless…my father harasses me with disgusting messages on social medias…and the cops do nothing…nothing is happening when I take action…it’s making me absolutely fucking furious…I want to find and hurt him or hurt myself…As I’ve wanted to for a long time…

I feel like I have nothing and noone to live for …even if I did…when I did…they leave anyway…I wish someone would stick around for me the way I do for them…then even so I still feel worthless…because of the past and the flaws I have now…inner and outer…and with the pandemic I feel even more trapped…because there ias nowhere to go…the only thing that makes me feel better is maybe someone reading and taking the time to listen to my rambling texts… I feel like there is no place for me.

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Hey listen. We all have some shyt happened to us or happening to us. I’m also tired of people coming into my life and leaving without notice but they will get their karma soon. You are one good person and trust me you will find someone like you sooner or later. And about the harassment part just block your father or report this to your mother or someone who knows him. You are an adult now, all he can do is verbally harass you nothing more than that so if cops don’t listen then just block him from social media. I’m not saying that this is the right thing but this is the only thing that can be done maybe. Don’t think of hurting yourself just be patient and know that everyone out there is going through something but we learn to make our own happiness out of everything. Wish you best of luck.


Thank you for responding and for your advice. I can’t say I don’t want to or hsven’t hurt myself…or others out of anger but this only adds to my guilt and admitting it wil hopefully help me move on and help others too. Thank you and Happy Holidays.


We all are struggling in our life. The path may be different the pain may vary but every person is prone to some struggle. This is true. But it is better to accept the reality and try to learn from it. No matter who is causing harm to us we need to be more and more wise to choose people. And it takes time we need experience. We all do flaws but if we don’t try to get out of them. We feel … they are like a burden on our heart. We feel depress because we don’t try. To deal with any situation we need experience and which demands first the feel pain then gain.


Thank you, I understand what you mean: sometimes pain is gain…and we come out stronger… Sometimes it feels like too much or a cruel joke…but that’s just more venting…but I get it. Happy Holidays and thank you.


You are a very sensitive person.
You are a very emotional person.
You have a very rare kind of heart…
You know it is very common that tender hearted ppl like you are taken for granted.
Such a person is there for everyone
But noone is there for such a person.
This is the harsh reality of life …
So dear friend
Just like you stick to ppl n they leave you and again
Try sticking to yourself…
Try showering all the warmth on ur ownself.

Pamper urself lots n lots…

Pls dnt judge yourself so negatively.

You are very strong
Because you have been through alot…
Regarding your father’s matter pls seek help of someone whom you can trust n rely on…

Give some time to time.
Things will improve…
Pls dnt give up…
Pls dnt let ur hope fade.

Take care

Good luck.


Thank you, your words aren’t lost on me. Happy holidays and take care as well.


Hey I don’t know how you exactly feel but I have shit going on in my life too and it’s not easy it’s never is but remind yourself that’s why good people, strangers and associations exist. Find help, talk. I am not experienced or anything that can help directly but I can be here if you need to talk or just need me to send a bunch of funny videos to remind you that life is longer than you think and you have time to enjoy yourself don’t do what will make you cry. Enjoy your life, don’t regret your life choice


I appreciate your words, and also I understand too that many ppl are in tough/bad situations. That’s why I like to let it out here because it just feels like I always run into situations where I come across as the “bad guy” in situations. It’s hard for me to strike conversation with ppl without feeling like I’m unwanted or whatever. Anyway thanks and happy holidays.


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