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Riva @rivadhingra

🌈 Hues Challenge 🌈

Colours are the smiles of nature.

For all of our NEW Now&Me members, this month we are celebrating COLOUR. The HUES Challenge is a fun activity in which every week we talk about a different colour and its significance in our life. 🧚🏻‍♂️
Last week we did Red and the one before that we did Yellow!

This weeks colour is “BLUE"

Significance of the colour BLUE:

🦋 The colour of trust, the shade of the sea and sky, is thought to induce calm and convey serenity and peace. The popular colour instils confidence and inspires feelings of loyalty, integrity and responsibility.
🦋 The many hues of blue signify deep feelings, relaxing and peaceful effect on our psyche and tranquility.

Fun Fact: Wear blue when you want to exude power, have mental control, be conservative, respected or communicate an important message. Blue is calming and a spiritually very deep colour, often associated with stability, honesty, truth and tranquillity.


Week 3:

Colour of the week: Blue 💙

Name 1 thing for the following, that you think signifies the colour “Blue” in your life:-

- Who is your “Blue” person and why?
- Which object/place/person reminds you the most of blue?
- The most precious blue thing that you own.
- 5 Blue things you spotted in the day.

Share with us in the comments down below. ⬇️

P.S.: Do take the Colour Personality Test and share with us in the comments which colour you got.
I got the colour Blue. To see what it means and to find out yours: Click on the HUES page or click here:

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V @istry1009

This is my first Hues challenge but I’m excited because I got the color Blue too!

1) The “Blue” person is my friend, let’s call her N . Because she is the most trustworthy person I know.
2) The object that reminds me of Blue is my keyboard, it makes me calm .
3) Most precious Blue thing I own is my watch , that my dad gifted when I was in 9th grade
4) I haven’t gone out yet but the things I noticed in my room are, my denims, a comb, some books, the curtains and some medicines

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Joy @hummingmoon

Wow indeed today is my 1st day here… excited for challenge

My blue person is my school frnd we are still connected from elementory the person whom i can msg even in the 3 am at night becuse i got a nightmare

There is a place where you can see the Ganges… staying there for 5mins give a peace to me no matter what i have been through

I used to write dairy… that’s contain my memories of childhood and school… it’s cover was blue so most precious gonna be tht dairy to me

My mom wear a blue saree with blue ornaments that i found amd also blue pen and oh yes medicines and book


Hey! It is my first challenge here!
My blue person is my friend because he has been with me through thick and thin.
My water bottle reminds me of blue.
My Kindle is the most precious blue thing that I own.
My earbuds, keychain, dress, spoon and slippers.

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It’s my fast hues challenges and I’m very excited. Blue is my favorite.
and I got blue color in the quiz too.
1) my friend is my blue person because they are really trustful, I feel relaxed when I talk to her.
2) the place which reminds me of blue is my old school, I have enjoyed it very much there and I have made so many precious memories in there too.
3) the most precious blue thing I own is a dress and a watch which my aunty has given me as my birthday gift.
4) the 5 blue things I have spotted are my sis’s dress, my tuition mate’s shirt, my pen, some vehicles and the large beautiful sky


my hues challenge
1.I don’t think I have a blue person.
2.A beautiful flower garden under the blue sky
3.Memories in form of photographs , letters, dried flowers in books…
4.My blanket, sky, wardrobe, a flower, mom’s saree

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dhvani @dhvanee

My blue person is my own image in the mirror, because I feel confident looking at myself, perhaps that’s what you call self confidence.

My window reminds me of the colour blue, because sitting by my window, admiring nature’s beauty, amidst a nice sunny therapy is the most peaceful activity of my life.

The most precious blue thing that I own is one of my school’s report cards, in which I spotted myself scoring full marks for the first time in middle school

5 of the many blue things I spotted today consist of the sky, the water, my phone, the outfit that I’m wearing, and the blue paint on the walls of one of the bedrooms in my house.


This is my first hues challenge.
1)The blue person in my life is my cousin she was with me in my ups n down.

2)When I say blue the first that pops up in my head is beach it claims me like Nothing else does.

3)I have blue colour watch which was selected by my bf m single now but I have that watch till this day n I love to wear it everyday.

4)water bottle,towel, jumping rope box, it’s weird but my dad’s track pants, news paper.


It came in the right time l’m going to the beach today and nothing more blue than the sky meeting the sea 🌊💙.

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Riva @rivadhingra

Ahhh bliss 🧡


Blue… Waoo… one of the most common colour in my life… from dress to bed sheet … but idk, any one see that 2018 movie bird box… the blue colour is significant in that movie… And… everything around that main character is blue… , I actually felt that boxed up emotions, her pain… Her struggle, her every emotions…

Revati @revati_123

1. All the kids in my life are my blue people because they bring me a sense of calm and peace.
2. The ocean because it makes me feel relaxed and at peace.
3. A teddy bear
4. Sky, water, my tshirt, a box, a blanket!
P.S:- this was fun!


-My blue person is CK one of my closest people, he is most trustworthy so he reminds me of blue; we stood by each other during our blues; CK never made me feel bad about who I am…
-A ring, sky, remind me of blue
-The most precious blue thing is denim shirt gifted from my mom coz being a plus size person its hard to find clothes that fit you and are in your budget…
-denim shirt, blue saree, blue ball pen, blue tshirt


As soon I read the first question my 11th and 12th friend Indu 💙 cam tto my kind and then my sister and then my grandma and my family and friends. So I think they are my blue people.💙

Underwater(want to see it with my eyes once atleast in this lifetime),seashores,beaches,oceans,Pacific ocean,bright absolute blue skies. 🌊💙

I think I was looking around for the next one and realised maybe it’s this: my mostly blue paperkraft diary.💙

Haven’t yet started my day in real sense but some things I spotted are my blue textbook, my blue diary, blue bordered bedsheet,blue slippers,blue pipe,blue coconut oil bottle,blue hole punch…


And a pretty blue drawing 😌💙

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Addison @addi

My blue person is the same person as always the girl i absolutly adore.
The outdoors remind me of blue but and object would be a pellow and blanket.
My most precious blue thing would be my blue dinosaur plushie.
I saw the ocean, my blue dinosaur, kahoot game awnsers, anime characters and the morning sky.


1. My blue person is Abhay! He’s nit a real person, just an imaginary friend tho. I feel he sees me thru mirrors, n everytime i have something to speak about , happy or sad, i talk to him, n get a feeling of being heard and loved.
2. Cinderalla😜 the cinderalla gown w all sparkly butterflies on it. That reminds me the most of blue.
3. My glasses🤣😂 i cant see without them. They help me see the world clearly, hence precious blue.
4. My glasses, my mobile phone, today’s holi so the colour powder blue, my browser’s wallpaper, my plate!

kempegowda @kempegowda


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