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how will I confess to him?
He was my childhood friend, and ever since we became friends I already have a crush on him.
I tried a to practice confessing when i was young, but I don’t wanna have a relationship since I’m still young at that time. he is two years older than me and he’s really a calm and smart guy
he’s the only guy friend that treats me like a lady. But one day they moved out cause they have a new house but its just few miles and sometimes they would visit here…but as maturity is getting the best of him…we don’t communicate anymore. We don’t talk, laugh like old days, smile at each other, just a peek of each other…I tried being pretty when he visits here but whenever he’s here, he stays inside their car…I tried several times walking pass the car trying to get his attention but he did not even look at me or greet me, I always greet his
parents and his brother. I stalk him sometimes just to talk to my self what I did wrong for him to ignore me. but in the end I just cried and ate my feelings. I’m now 14 and he’s now 16 and I still have a crush on him. I don’t wanna get into relationship or I’ll disappoint my parents and I just want to confess to him. I wanna move on. I wanna think of as friend.

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Simran @st1199

If you think he get’s attracted to materalistic things i.e, FACE LOOKS or anything which appears on the outside then you shouldn’t be with him. For how long will this work?
With time things change, as you grow you have your own life to deal and live with, more responsibilities than before. All things can’t be the same way as it used to be. It’s competely natural and understandable. However, the equation between you two should be clear as to what do you both want from each other.
Ask him, if he treats you only like his friend or more than that and tell him about your feelings. But keep one thing in mind, if he doesn’t like you back there are chances of friendship being ruined or his changed behaviour. Also, it isn’t necessary that he has to like you and in no way you should then feel bad about.

Tell him that his changed attitude is bothering you. Maybe he is going through some stuff and wants someone to listen or he isn’t interested anymore in the friendship or anything else. Rather than thinking about it it’s better to get clarity for once and for all.


thank you so much. Thanks to you I realize what I should do and move on. I really don’t wanna break our friendship , I don’t have the courage to confront him about his behavior right now so I’ll solve it my own, and not depend in the internet. again thank you so much, God Bless you.💞

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Simran @st1199

Happy to help!
Yes, take your own time and when you feel you are ready to confront go ahead. There is no rush, everything can wait but not our mental peace. 💛


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