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How to Train yourself to make Better Decisions Faster-

One great way of allowing yourself to make decisions and really training that decisiveness muscle is to ask yourself this question

"what would I do right now if I had a gun to my head "

What does does is that it it it’s really forces you to make a decision RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT.

You get out of your Mind and into your body- into that core of your life. It gets you in touch with your STRONGEST & most Deeply held values and beief.

Your whole life flashes around you and your brain finds resources that will help you make that decision.

Because the brain does not know the difference between a real or an imagined experience.

so it actually feels that you might die, unless you make the right decision.

that decision might not be the right one, but you have trained that decisive muscle.

It also forces you to think about all the possible consequences within a two second frame, which is a short frame of time but once you do it enough times your mind will automatically internalise that habit of making quick decisions.

And in most cases, you will make the right decisions.

It’s application in game is huge because women DON’T want to make decisions.

they want the MAN to take decisions- YOU.

Some decisions you will have to make:

- What’s a good opener?
- Where to go on a date?
- Do you take her back to your place or close her in the parking lot due to logistics?

or some big ones-

- Where should I move to?
- What do I really want from life?
- Can I tolerate her for more than 5 hours a day?

Now, put a metaphorical gun to your head and try to answer these questions.

And even though most decisions won’t matter, this will train you to make the right decisions when they do,

because one day they will.

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