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Ashley @bloopbloop

How to slowly distant myself from the person i loved for 3 years…. How do i stop myself from texting him…. I dont wanna be with him but i need to have a way to stay away from him, not be dependent

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M facing the same problem everyday i try to control bt messege her daily morning how do i come out if her trauma 🙂

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Açha Bacha @soft_forest_2

Ye apko khud smjhna hoga ki wo aap sai pyar nahi krte aur jab wo apke sath nahi rehna chahte tab ap kuch nahi kr skte…

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shiva kumar @shivavolley99

Delete the contacts,photos and chats everything…and give it time to forget that from your mind… slowly and steadily you will forget his voice face and everything…trust…


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