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Padma Lindzey @9023219957

How to overcome β€œEmotional Sensitivity”?

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Simran @st1199


It depends. Some people have the habit of making everything about themselves and get emotional every second time. While others without intentionally get sensitive to situations.

Well, the former is what you need to work on as doing this won’t help rather leave you unhappy in the long run and people too don’t care too much of this intention.
The latter part, its a part of you. You actually can’t get rid of it but people who know you, care for you will accept the way you are giving you confidence about the same. If you want, try this. When you feel you are being too emotional when actually its not needed, talk in your head that I can control a little bit. With repetitive attempts, you would be able to have a slight control of your feelings.

I hope its helps even in the slightest manner. :)

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dhirjinder @dhirjinder


with awareness about the situation, what is happening ,what will be the results such as cause and affect. Plus need to know how much my self is related to the situation. And how can I help to overcome the situation instead of taking on. meanwhile need more practice for assertiveness.


If you found out how to over come it, tell me too.


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