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How to lose weight! Pls help. Lockdown made me gain alot of weight. I want to lose itโ€ฆ Nothing is workingโ€ฆpls help me. Iโ€™m short I gain weight very fastโ€ฆ

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Exercise works
Perfectlyโ€ฆ yoga โ€ฆand donโ€™t skip mealsโ€ฆ mopping floors is really good exercise itselfโ€ฆ
Walk into the stairs for half an hourโ€ฆetc i donโ€™t know much sorry ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…


Cut your calories and most importantly cut sugar and oily food from your diet.
Exercise plays a major role, try to walk atleast 10k steps, you can record this using a smart band or any mobile app too. I myself lost a lot of weight doing this.


I can totally relate. I am short too, 4โ€™7" and I gain weight very easily. What have you tried already? working out with a proper plan and a controlled diet should work for anyone.


1. Exercise and yoga ( surya namaskar, naadi shuddhi, nada yoga , neck exercises โ€ฆ) I am currently following Chloe ting challenge( donโ€™t stress yourself too much). These exercises and practices need to be done properly or they have the potential to harm you.
2. Identify your body type.
3. eat food that gives your body proper energy but at the same time doesnโ€™t make you lethargic ( Pranic foods give you energy). Learn more about them.
4. there are many good youtubers who make good videos about food . You can follow fit tuber and Satvik movement ( but donโ€™t blindly follow everything, first gain required amount of knowledge about them).
5. Be physically active .
6. Drink proper amount of water.
If you have a busy lifestyle , then only small changes like eating balanced diet , having a proper gap between meals, do yoga regularly.

remember weight loss is best when it happens slowly. Have patience and be determined.


Everyone is just giving you solutions. I would suggest, sit with yourself, try to make yourself understand the reason why you want to lose weight. Write it down so that you make yourself understand in a better way. The first step is to have the motivation to lose weight. Good luck ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป


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