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How to let go off someone when everything is good between you but you know u don’t have future together nd it’s gonna hurt in the end???

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Nikunj B. @nikunj_bagaria

1. Change your life goal and focus
2. Prioritise yourself over others
3. Self love, self confidence and mindfulness

If you need help, I’m here.


Thank you so much but at this moment I can’t think of anything


If you believe it’s going to hurt in the end, then you’re going to have to push yourself to let go for yours and their sake. Don’t delay the hurt because it will only be worse. I’m sorry to have to say this, but facing pain right now will be comparatively better in the long run. I wish you well.


Sometimes I feel ki jaha tak sath mumkin ho waha tak to chale but phir lagta h what if I get attach


Saath chalne ke liye mann pakka hona zaruri hai. If you can’t see a future, then please drop it. Dragging it on will be extremely burdensome and painful in the long run.


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