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How to keep my self motivate and happy confident

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Don’t think negative thoughts just positive never let mean words get to you and don’t care about what people think.

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Simran @st1199


There is no one way as everyone has their own way of doing things.
I’ll suggest mine-

1. I follow some people on Instagram/Youtube because I know their words will give me a certain push in life. Ex- Ankur Warikoo
2. I don’t get influenced by other’s saying nor it affects me in any manner, which can’t be done by everyone so if you are influenced - work on this most importantly
3. If you put in your 100% somewhere and still don’t get it, remember something else is planned for you and your hard work will not be wasted. But, if you put efforts half-heartedly then you are at fault and nothing can be achieved.
4. Read thoughts/quotes more frequently on your Insta feed or search on google and maybe put them as your phone/laptop wallpaper.


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