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How to get rid of procrastination and improve self decipline? I searched so many things on Google about this but nothing actually helped. I tried to became productive and make routine and stuffs like that but after someday I came back to my usual routine🙃

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Make goals short term nd long term nd follow ur routine

pS @ps01

Start with the small stuff first like making your bed , make a to do list that you’ll do this (exercise etc.) and tick them off after you’ve done them , give yourself a treat after accomplishing the goals for the day (could be anything you love to do ) and last but not the least don’t have a fix time suppose if you cannot do exercise in the evening do it before sleeping but do it (No procrastination) .Hit me up with your ideas as well as I’m also trying to build discipline in my life .


I was same like this. But u need to understand this takes time. Start by having a daily routine, even if it’s something small, later build on it.


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