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How to get rid of a toxic ex who won’t leave you alone. We broke up in the end of July this year. it’s was just a relationship of 3-4 months, i saw some red flags and found out we weren’t compatible and ended things on the note that we won’t be able to be together happily and peacefully and if we continue it would be just a waste of time. But the thing is, my ex is not leaving me alone, creates fake id’s as i have blocked the original one’s and keeps on disturbing me. I have clearly stated i don’t wanna talk. But still no effect, and no i can’t delete my social media accounts or deactivate them as they are a source of income for me.

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aarav writer @aarav1986

It’s fine :)

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poison 3333 @ashish333

Just ignore.

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ipshita @heyipshita

i’d say don’t ignore …take action
you don’t want to regret later


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