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How to get over depression and overthinking? How to bring back lost charm in life? How to over power anxiety? Hot to learn to live? How to cope up with things that cannot change?

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There is no way to get over with depression. Look I learned a few techniques like when u feel depressed just lie down for few mins . Think about something beautiful like tress or nature . Talk to someone close, Write it down, draw, that’s it .


Remember only u change things in yourself others just help. Listen to strong music . Help others by just listening becoz u know how it feels. U have to be your own miracle . It’s okay to fall , lose urself but its just a path to finding urrself , and rising like a phenix. You have to be your own hero .

Hard times teach us a lot . Just breathe look around . Feel everything. I feel when u know something deeply u can get out of it .

Try to find your purpose no matter how smALL it is . It keeps u busy and gets u off things .

Even I am overthinker but I keep myself very busy

Mediate it calms ur brain

And plz don’t worry abt things u can’t control it creates unnecessary stress. InsteAD do wt u can do now. Try to live in present .

Talk more . Create more hobbies . Workout .

Remember only things that come hard way stay long .
So all the best , keep working and be ur best self yaar


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