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How to enjoy being alone? After my very recent breakup, life feels empty and right now I am just lying down and trying to figure out what to do. I want to kill the hope of getting back with my ex so that I can properly move on. But my heart isn’t ready to move on yet.

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Minal @happyjasmine

Read somewhere…write an email to your ex ,expressing your whole emotion inclusive of bitter 1 may include slangs too.buttttttttt don’t send to her …delete it afterwards may be half an hour
You will feel better.
By the way…I am also going through this phase…keeping myself busy…but yaadein…aa ji jati hai

Clever Paul @cleverpaul

Bro/girl, we’ve been through same situation!.. Trust me it’s so hard in the beginning once you realise that life is an open-sea, and there’s lots of kind, good, loyal, loving, careing, adjusting, supporting people around are waiting for someone special in there life. Like us…


I was going through the same but trust me the phase of life will get better . Listen to music and start partying inside . This is the best way to get better . And trust me the first thing is start loving yourself and enjoy everything you see visit places and go for walks start finding something beautiful in everything you see. Then understand nature is the best company you are having . All the best buddy you’ ll cross skies.


Thank you man. It was really helpful


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