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β€ΊAnger Issuesβ€ΊThought


How to deal with people who hurt me or people who are close to me.
I wanna revenge but how.
Everybody is brutus, show their true colours.
After they realise their mistakes they come to me to talk like nothing happened.
What should I do.

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Telling them honestly would be step 1. Letting it out would mean that you will get rid of the frustration and disappointments that’s bottled up. It’s okay if the incident that hurt you had happened years ago. If you feel upset about something, you can let it out by calmly telling them.
Then based on how they react and how you feel about their reaction you can take a call. For instance if they act like they don’t care you can gradually cut them out of your life and they can’t blame you because you have already told them. That way you won’t be carrying any anger further you’ll be at peace. Also you don’t need such friends in your life who don’t care about your feelings.
On the other hand if they apologise and get their act right, understand that they care about you and your friendship and want to put efforts to make it work. You can continue to be their friend. There won’t be any harsh feelings between you two.
Remember you feel angry now because you allowed someone to be in your life who has hurt you. If at any point you feel like there is no respect or love, you have the right to walk away.


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