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Shadow Hunter @shasha26

How to deal with anxiety in my work environment and meeting other people?

I’m super shy and I find it hard to create new relationships, but I started working recently at a Call Center, and I haven’t even started receiving calls yet, still in training period, but I feel like it’s such an overwhelming work, and I’d love to get to know my colleagues but my hands shake whenever I’m going to ask something or give my opinion about something or just trying to reach out to someone, and I don’t know what to do. Yesterday I brokedown and started crying while receiving feedback, and honestly I just felt that It was so humiliating, Im not a kid but I still cry so much for everything. Please help

Thanks for reading!

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🧿 @analyst__

Focus on your breath as you take time to think of the things that bring you joy. Allow yourself to enjoy the moments of comfort, no matter how fleeting they may be. Celebrate the small victories of the day, and remember that it is okay to express your emotions. Let your vulnerability show as you become more comfortable with your new environment and colleagues.
It is okay to not feel completely secure at the start and to give yourself permission to grow. See this experience as an opportunity for personal growth. Give yourself the time and space to become comfortable in a new environment, and remember that it is only with practice and patience that you will find confidence. Your courage will blossom and your connection with your colleagues will strengthen the more you stay present and the more you open your heart…hope you’ll like my advice, if you wanna talk don’t hesitate you can connect to me :)

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Aman @chosenone

Take feedback positively. If it feels like humiliated then you really need to work on yourself and it is always good to improve and grow. Listen more, observe more. Speak with your actions. Practice to communicate around your colleagues.

For anxiety take out 10-15 minutes for breath exercise or pranayama. It will help your nervous system to calm down and to work efficiently. It will also help to cope up to deal tough situation and in decision making.

Anonymous jobs are complex inti tally. Just understand the process in your mind. Regarding friends, you will get lot of opportunities as mostly call center have lot of people to speak to. Dont worry.

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This is probably bcoz you don’t feel confident of yourself and deeply care about what others think and feel. This can change with time and conscious efforts. Stop seeing other people being superior to you in any way. You are something. You are as good as anybody else. Once you start believing that from within, you will feel much more comfortable


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