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How to deal with alcoholic parents who are abusive almost every alternative day after consuming alcohol for silly things? then a patriarchal younger brother who feels entitled to everything you do? just giving an example, my brother constantly taunts me for not building a good house, even though I paid for his private education for the last four years. And my parents stay silent in his abusive languages. The language he uses is hurtful and it is too much to take. When I thought it is almost over, recently the made a whole drama about my sister being irresponsible to her 5 years old daughter’s education. Which was so ridiculous to me. They went on saying as my sister was not a good student, her daughter would be the same and her daughter’s life will go to hell. These things mostly happen after they consume alcohol. But it is pretty disturbing as it happens quite regularly for different issues. Then if you try to talk normally later trying to solve the issue, the mother threatens or emotionally bullies you to committing suicide. I am a 30 years old unmarried woman with a career and living outside the hometown. And now stuck at home for COVID. Any suggestions, responses would be so nice. As, I am tired of thinking what to do? oh they act normal other days.

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Hey. I’m sorry to here about your situation. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. You’re not alone. Why don’t you try convincing your parents for taking therapy? Alcohol addiction is a genuine concern which should be handled with utmost care. As for you, I can understand how what they say hurts and triggers you. But let’s not forget that they’re not in their senses while talking, and I know that’s not a reason valid enough. But having said that, let’s focus on making things better at home. And for that, you need to make your parents better.
Really hoping this helped you and would love to hear from you soon about the progress made in making the situation better. Ups and downs are a part of life. But what do we do when life throws lemons at us? Make a lemonade. So don’t worry, stay strong and I’m sure you’ll get through this. :)


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