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How to calm yourself when you are angry with your family.

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yash khatri @yash777

Just remember when they were there for you at your bad


Yeah, but it means nothing too at the same time. Past events are in the past and you don’t owe people anything, even your parents


You owe them


Owe them what?

I’m sorry but it just doesn’t make sense to owe someone just because they gave birth to you. They (the author of the post) can have good parents, yes but still you don’t owe anyone anything.

Whatever they did wrong cannot be forgiven just because they’re the parents. If they did something wrong and the author is upset, they should talk it out or talk about it with someone else. Whatever the reason they are angry about does not disappear because they’re family.

Listen I get what you’re trying to say but we must be real here. The author of the post has the right to feel what she feels, but we don’t know the full story, we don’t know if the parents are bad or good. In any case, we don’t owe anyone anything. We didn’t ask to be born and yes we should be grateful to have a good family if it’s the case but we have to stop with the “they’re your parents/elders and we need to respect them” respect is earned. Feeding you and giving a roof over your head is the bare minimum.

I said what I said

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Dinethra @debesharingfeeli...

I know it’s a cliché but take deep deep deep breaths. Take out your anger and frustration in something like a pillow, punch it, and tear up a piece up of paper, write about it. Remember that this is temporary and it will be over soon.


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