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How to Become the PRIZE

How do you become the prize?

when women want you and see you as a high-value man who knows his self-worth and who is able to dominate them in bed, and when other women and men want your attention.

but what most guys don’t realise is that-

when you view yourself as the prize,she will too

become a man of her dreams- find out what she wanted when she was young:

did she have friends or was she lonely?

= Have People look up to you.

was she that insecure girl who really had to go out of her way to make friends?

= become that socially resourceful guy

Did she have middle class choices when she was young?

= Show your style and class to her.

When you invest heavily in yourself and when she sees you investing in your future- totally learning everything you can and never settling,

she knows you are going somewhere and she will do everything she can to hang on to you

Metaphorically put yourself on the pedestal.

This does not mean you treat others like shit. Being respectful especially to the staff and workers is an attractive quality, especially when you can be doing anything but that.

being cocky, being a little arrogant, because when that arrogance is backed by value- that is not really going to be bad for you

⁃ Being the guy who girls fight over.

⁃ being the man of their dreams.

⁃ being the guy who girls invest everything on, bet everything on.

⁃ Being the guy girls beg to be fucked by

⁃ Being the guy girls accept that they have to share.


because when you chase, you don’t give her the opportunity to chase you.

women have this “want” inherently in them-

that they want to change that man who is on his path who never stops for her and when you do that you are signalling to her that-


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Doesn’t works in India bro


Wake up bro !


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