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How my life turned into a mess today. My ex Boy friend who is like always busy at his job, self improving and almost got no time for me saw my new boyfriend with another woman and clinging to each other and all and what my ex did is approach the two and show my man and meโ€™s photo to the girl and asked the girl if she recognised whoโ€™s in the photo, my boyfriend tried to punch my ex but he got beat up instead and when my man arrives at home with a beat up face, i asked him what happened and said he fell at the staircase a patch up his face and at 9pm my ex and my friend arrived at our house, my friends called at phone, she told me to break up with my man for heโ€™s cheating and the reason why his face is like that is because he tried to punch aron but got beat up instead cause aron tried to approach them and show the girl the photo of the two of you. I believe at my friend packed up my mans things in the bag and after packing all of it i went to the living room where my bf is threw the bag at his face and i ssid โ€œI already know wtf happened to you today! You fcking retard whu did you do this to me?! Get the fck out of my house!!โ€ he threw the bag right back at meand said โ€œDude wtf! Iโ€™m at work the whole day and jusy fell at the staircaseโ€ i told him fck you and get out!! My boyfriend started being violent he punched me but i manage to block it and he started throwing the vase and all and aron and my friends heard the vase breaking so aron climb to the gate and broke through our window, kick my boyfriend, i run into the door and went outside, aron and my boyfriend were fighting but thank god aron did not get hurt much and manage to pin down my bf. My friend called the police and now after my boyfriend broke up with me and house is now a mess. Aron told me everything that happened. Iโ€™m just broken, things like my TV that has not yet been fully paid is broken. Idk what to do anymore. ๐Ÿ˜”

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flyingpanda @flyingpanda


I feel so proud of your ex aron ๐Ÿ˜‚ you should totally get back with him.


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